Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pushing through

and i figured out morotetori kokyuho omote and ura and i got a rush of happy and immediately decided to reward my "self" with a run. c u later.

there are a limited number of things in those aikido techniques. face this or that way, each hand & foot in a given conformation. start facing this way, do this, do that, end facing that way. can do it with a checklist while learning, then its just practice to get better faster.

next day.

if i line my vision up with a given landmark I can always stand in the same place. taking that place immediately i saw a flush of falling leaves from the fungus infected big poplar tree i want to take down. i wondered if i could know the number of leaves i was seeing fall, maybe 20-odd, maybe 50.

in doing the head movements: the vertical extension-flexion can be done to try to get every vertebra to move in sequence. extension starts at the base of the neck & proceeds headward, flexion starts with the head & proceeds down to the base of the neck.

in bendover was very stiff this morning & i had to just stand there doing eye circles & such while the thick stuff of the low back stretched, did not get my fingers on the floor the first time.

a week later i demonstrated to my self the leon russell paradigm by going through all of the morning stretch & move stuff to the various competences & relaxations without getting the happy. that was sufficient to bring the happy into the personal zone. like in a dark room but i know where the bed is. i couldn't see it, the happy, but i knew it was there, in the blind spot, winking at me but the brain is covering it with the bad mood that's all around (blindspottest.com

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