Saturday, August 27, 2011

paen to aikido, bend too far

1. aikido: the word made flesh.  all the other systems: do this, do that but they do not set up demonstrations that prove the principles.  take something relatively easier, like "balance" (harder might be "perspective" for example).  in aikido principles of balance in gravity are constantly demonstrated.  when the procedures are followed accurately success results.  partial accuracy yields partial results.  the demonstrative methods of aikido can be applied in other relational situations (which would include relations with inanimate object & forces as well as "ideas.")  if something works then there is some utility, if it doesn't that can be known.  you'll have to excuse me.  those are the kind of things i think about.

2. the instructional method is to demonstrate rather than to proclaim.  all education SHOULD be like that.

3. we are catching "outer bands" of hurricane irene, saturday am.  i stand under the soffit of the deck doorway, the deck wet, windy, big acorns falling, a branch from time to time.  i think about the big poplar i want to take down.  when i get to the back stretch & bendover part i find i have about a foot of back space so i have to do the back stretch differently, very tight, hands to just not touch the door, to increase my stretch i HAVE to go up on my toes.  interesting.
   bendover on the other hand, apparently so deep reactive spasms developed in lower back on both sides, made it hard to have the pelvic nod position exactly where i wanted it to be, right there it produced some-would-call-it-pain.  after a few minutes of working on it: move this way & that, i took ibuprofen, keep working it, got some really nice side stretches, went back in, wrote this, it is still kind of sore but getting better.  tree didn't fall on me.  lucky

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