Saturday, August 6, 2011

sweet spot

in each of my morning sessions there is an area that points itself out with stretchy-burny feelings as something that needs to be worked on.  base of neck, back of legs, that "adhesion" top outer distal left foot.  all of that leg-foot stuff seems to be ameliorating judged by less burn of lesser intensity.  been working those leg-feet aspects at least since february.

they had told me to "find my center" & in the first days had demonstrated for me that i did not have it.  "finding" it has been a kind of a swim in the dark, not knowing what there might be to bump into.  it is a platonic alignment of soles of feet, ankles, knees, pelvis, lumbar-thoracic spine, shoulders, neck, head in 3 dimensions.  the actual "center" does not correspond to any particular point inside the body, that point being the sum of the vectors of the various forces arrayed by the muscles around the joints.  if i flex/extend my knees there are the extremes of locked extension & the opposite where the flesh prevents further flexion, right in the middle of that range a narrower range "sweet spot" of maximum comfort, balance, least use of energy, same with all the other joints in the support structure. 

point being that when that sweet spot is noticed it can be returned to.  when returning from an extension i feel these days, if i'm slowed down enough, the joint goes into a sort of a settling "bump" when it hits the sweet spot.  i turn head to the side (leave shoulders still (-:) the neck bones slide up against each other as the turn proceeds, adding a teeny bit of height.  when the head goes back to 0,0,0 the neck loses that added height as each vertebra climbs off the high edge of the vertebra below it & descends into the pleasant valley of the "center."  like a plane landing, bump, like a ship come home to port.  sweet spot.

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