Saturday, July 30, 2011

hamstrings & overhead

1. wife gets catalogs of women's "yogawear" & one of them has the female model on cover in a yoga pose & i look at the pose & decide to try it & i 100% can't do it. on one knee, down leg foot lifted, same side hand goes over tipped back head to touch lifted foot. instant hamstring spasm whichever side i try. a new level of inability to explore.

2. i've been wanting to work on upper body. the thing that's been missing has been arms over head work. i guess i'll be doing a lot of holding things above my head this year. keep shoulders down i'll tell myself.

3. i started moving around the house with eyes closed again. i'd discovered that a better way to do that is in martial mode with same side hand & foot go forward (or any direction) together rather than "civilian" mode which is crossed arm-leg. "scientific" cornering is found to be extremely convenient going around things with eyes closed. but i read a report in sci am about totally blind people avoiding obstacles without touching them so there is a whole other level of possibility.

4. morning outside workout in cold all with sword in hand, the stretches all with arms above & in front, then shomens against a brick wall, aim for a point. now arms are all tingly & warm, less used muscles woken up.

in bendover with sword i can't touch anything, it takes me maybe as much as a minute to get the knuckles on the ground, with sword a new point of tension outer lower front thighs becomes evident on both sides when knuckles ~1" from gtound, actually "wants" to not relax, lift torso 1/2" the tight front thighs go away

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