Saturday, June 4, 2011

unbind mind no time

i went back to the original set of sensory exercises i used to sit and do:
start with visual (that's what "i" do):
what is in front of "me"
what is to "my" left
what is behind "me"
what is to "my" right
what is above me
what is below me
similarly with the other senses however defined

then proceed with the now pretty standard first thing now become second:
visual attention at infinity through the directions up-down, sideways, diagonals,
same with actual eye movement
same with actual head movement, eyes at the zero point
then on to the shoulders, etc.

most stretchy-burny for "me" are those first and second standing touch-toes. stiff hams & low back. all those years of sitting in chair. just a week ago or so i rearranged my office so i can stand & compute. voila, a new set of imbalanced muscles & joints starts to realign. new stuff in the body arrangement, not same old chronic aches & pains from always doing the same things the same way. no wonder people aren't happy. efficiency. bah. we have no idea.

it was onrushing events of life kept me away so long. rush has not abated. i continue to have a daily run & a daily stretch-meditate warmup session. the physical happiness thing is strong, lasts hours, amenable to freshening up (the happiness thing) with little 1 minute stretch-move-meditate sequences, always possible to do them differently for added interest. head circles with eyes moving oppositely left-right, etc. or just standing in natural position rocking slightly side to side (knees unlocked of course) observing the layers sliding past each other, trying to find the infinity focus.

tried the visual attention thing at the beach where the infinity focus is the show in town & was unable to find the radius at which the multiple images merged and became "flat." no layers to look at, a different zero point would need to be found, where, the vestibular sense.

which reminds me, the standing balance so habitually tied to the visual that standing on one foot with eyes closed is a different story then with eyes open. now i can practice that while i work, while i practice typing with my eyes closed.