Monday, August 22, 2011

absolute relation

continuing from the observation yesterday that the attention could be left on a specific point, say, the 0,0,0 of that particular moment & that then the eyes or the head or the body section or the body in space can do whatever they do spatially & the attention can remain on that spot.  an imaginary line "appears" connecting the evolving visual with that spot.  as the body goes through its stuff that it does the angle & "length" of the line relative to the spot changes.  in bendover the line goes through the back of the head.  i can turn around, go inside, upstairs, out the front door, etc. the line relating to that arbitrary 0 spot remains.  i "know" where i'm "at" relative to that spot because i can "see" the imaginary line.  that is, sitting here in the office the line goes out the left back of my head through the house to the spot, and, i guess a little down.  theoretically i could take my line out in the car with me, or everywhere, maybe never get lost.  lot of mental energy perhaps.  or maybe it gets easier like every skill.  maybe this is what that anthropological nugget i heard on radio: tribe somewhere even the little kids never get lost, the language has absolute spatial reference built into it. 

do you know what i'm talking about?

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