Sunday, August 29, 2010

songs of layers 2

1. low back pain
if you sit down all the time
your butt sticks out
if you lock your knees
your butt sticks out
if you use high heels
your butt sticks out
where is your head
where is your head

why does it hurt?
lean in to the curve
why does it hurt?
get up get up
your butt sticks out

there you are in down low
how do your knees feel
are you wearing high heels
your butt sticks out

there you are
holding the pole
your knees are locked
how does it feel
your butt sticks out
your butt sticks out

tuck it forward
give your self a thrill
sit down on where you are
make yourself at home

don't listen to him
he doesn't know
you're gonna have to show him
more than once

good but honest
try to take it in
good but honest
let him think about it for a while

you want to sit in the line
walk on the line
talk on the line
cross the line
live outside the line
hold onto the line
hand them the line
step on the line

don't let me tell you what to do
your butt sticks out
your butt sticks out
take your time to think it through
your butt sticks out
your butt sticks out

you could run from the pain and to the pleasure
your butt sticks out
your butt sticks out
somewhere in the garbage there's the buried treasure

approach the line
draw the line
preech the line
hand the line
explain the line
hell with that baby let's go get something to eat

sound familiar?
heard it all before?
key in lock foot in door
out in the darkness where the life gets made
more more more more
more more more

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

distended belly

we see these buddha statues and "natural guy" pics from like China with big bellies and we're so look skinny here cause we all eat too much right, so its an issue. so in my warmup its like go for it and its hard cause there's so much pride and vanity. so my shomens have been weak. its been work on footwork and toe-knee-pelvis-shoulder-head alignment and always gaze alignment, make the cut straight, keep the shoulders relaxed and watching the cut stay weak. but ah, today, in the midst of the constant pelvic adjustments, oh, aha, and i let the belly go and the next cut had the power. and the next, etc. so its oh, that's why.

must wait for the questions to properly organize before they can be asked. answer falls out of the "that" out there.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

songs of layers


indiscreate in the streat

ive got an itch someone else has to scratch
i cant reach it someone else has to scratch
ive got an itch it itches it itches
i cant itch it someone else has to scratch

if she doesn't want to im not going to make her
what would be the point might as well do it myself
if she doesn't want to im not going to make her
she doesn't want to thats not my problem
my problem is my itchy itch thats not her problem
go ask her what her problem is


if she doesn't want to im not going to make her
what the point of that
im not going to make her
she would have to want to
as much as i do

much as i do
do do do


itch itch itch someone else has to scratch
i cant reach it someone else has to scratch
itch itch itch year after year
room of wanting, hall of wanting
mountain of wanting
planet of wanting

im not going to make her im not going to make her
im not going to ask her cause i know that she knows
how do i know? i told her, i told her
im not going to ask her itch itch itch

hot wind blowing from across the sea
mating surface rusted shut
hot salt dust on the window pane
swollen river under high steel bridge
looking around for a different view
foot in door, foot in shoe
im not going to ask her any more
hand in glove, foot in door

roadless way (poiltics)


Today's question: does your local government have a policy on how it would declare an emergency, what that would mean, how that would be implemented, etc.?

Of course it does. How about please go check out your own personal local government and ask them about that and report back to, like, you know, me. OK?

This question does not, I think, relate to partisan considerations, pure reportage rather. Y'all go get that information, pull out the important stuff, send it to me, I'll post it. Go. Do.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

arm bone connected to the eye bone

while i was doing the eye movement set I turned my eyes through the horizontal to the left and when i got to the end numbness started in my left neck and arm all the way down to my left thumb and pointer finger exactly like when i took that fall wrong 2 weeks ago though of course not as much. i found that i can reproduce it without fail. it obviously indicates some recruitment through the facial and neck muscles that i am not yet aware of.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

central issues and peripheral issues

Maybe 3 days ago I suddenly grokked the separate visual fields of each eye and imagined/discerned the individual cones. Further realized parallax issues, have managed to "see the layers" in more situations, etc. kind of "progress." This morning I found my "self" consistently unable to "see layers" in the horizontal head turn. The eyes wanted to lead, the desire body wanted to look at things. Some number of tries, each a failure of some magnitude. Somewhere else to go.

Then shomens. Some number of reps, saw the layers in some, did not stomp in some, kept the feet in the correct zones in some, kept my shoulders down in some, breathed right in all of them, reasonable posture, acceptable externals, all of them weak, only one of them seriously close to vertical. Wobbles not too bad. Overall maybe C, C-.

I used the word Grok in conversation with Jonny. He understood it immediately even though he had not read Stranger in a Strange Land.

The motto that keeps coming up in working with this "different way of looking" is "without fear or favor." As if I am always looking beyond the supposed external thing of interest, allowing it to be in its matrix of equally interesting associated things. Without fear or favor the female human of given physical & chemical conformation, the food, the fun, the cop, the thug, the boss, the kid, the speed of events happening, the weapon, the bad situation, the angry dog, the 5 of them, the wrong place at wrong time, the end, the what i want to do, the what i have to do.