Tuesday, August 16, 2011

quad recruitment

in that leg adductor side stretch - what shall we call it?  squat stick out leg.  all the variations.  ssol?

in that ssol on the way down & up the quads want to sympathetically "support" the move even though they are not necessary & just get in the way.  so leaving them relaxed through the stages of the sequence is a technique to be learned.  the quads want to pull the knee toward the torso.  the effect will be to "guard" the joint.  i don't think the guarding is a reflex, i think i taught my self back when i was learning how to walk, same as i learned to push my arms out in front of me when i fell, nobody taught me different but there is indeed a better way.

so i'm watching the quads wanting to contract, as the process proceeds from all the way down in ssol, where relaxing them is easy (now), to all the way up where it is also easy, the effect is spotty in the midzone & the "intention" can be applied.  the stuff going on in the right leg is dramatically different from the left.  left is full of intense stretchy burny sensations, limits, difficulty.  right is pretty ok mostly except for the hip joint.  after several tries all the way up & down on both sides without contracting the quads, maybe 95%, so that when they started to contract i could catch them either internally or positionally & get them relaxed again.

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