Friday, August 26, 2011

paying attention to paying attention

this morning i start out unable to make a straight attention line.  even the vertical is not attained.  "i" can "see" it but my attempt to get the attention to follow the grid is unsuccessful, it bows.  several attempts before i get it right, the other movements of attention similarly shaky.  attention circles have a kick to the lower right.

later the eye movements bring confusion at the horizontal periphery, where exactly is "0" with the eyes pointed all the way to the side?  the attention wants to go all the way to the periphery, actually wants to go all the way to ignoring the input from part of the trailing eye which is looking at the wall of the nose.  the attention at 0 is somewhere back of the edge of the leading image, not quite 30 degrees maybe.

it comes together nicely in the head movements & ended with some nice deep leg stretches.

wife said last night: your legs are bigger.  yes, said i, i've been doing unusual things with them, this is the way they're supposed to me: the well used legs.  she: your knees are bigger too, how'd that happen?  Good question, bone remodeling i thought, went throught it with my ankles too i've been thinking.  this morning told son, he: maybe its all that knee walking you do in class.  well, not that much but some, and i notice that i've become quite comfortable getting down on the floor & moving around, knees, whatever, some basic methods & principles learned.  when i showed my brother the general idea of the possibility of this different approach to exercise he found himself unable to get himself back up without hands & slightly pulled a pectoral muscle during his 2 minutes on the floor.

aikido.  if everyone in the world learned aikido there would be no strife.

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