Sunday, June 27, 2010

in reference

to what is done when one has lemons and to the future food source of humanity before it comes to the final point of eating "itself" in preference to growing up, settling down, growing roots, and becoming u no productive like our moral and intellectual superiors the plants.

this morning's reminder (for me, you do what you want) was that the moving session was to get the set points for the day: depth and limits of gaze, range of motion of all why not of the joints, spainul alignment salallah elayhi wa salama, like brushing teeth like tieing shoe (tie die, my oh my foot in shoe starts to die) like any other trained activity. 7 minutes today, hands don't touch the floor the first time forward bend. (35 years of fitful trying and failing before i found the tight muscles at the front outer top of the thighs, now they have visual definition, i know what they actually do. They are sore all by themselves, newly conscious babies, what's this? A job. Some of the getting up off the floor muscles.) in the outer darkness where the life is sometimes a 40 minute session, brings on more than the memory of endorphins. But 7 minutes, enough to produce the gate of n-dimensionality and walk through it into possibilities formerly seen as tangential now at the normal focal spot so we have to train ourselves not to see it and that ladies and germs is the reason we feel the way we do. Any morning, any day.