Sunday, August 21, 2011

gentling hand

1. the keep-the quads relaxed leg stretch, use of gentling hand
   this is the sequence that goes from back extend to bendover, allow necessary time for those thick lower back muscles to relax so the hams can relax & stretch, making sure that the quads are relaxed with knees in a distal position & relaxed lump of vastus lateralis just above the knee joint on the outside, which i'm pretty good at now.  then to repeat to the side, then to extent one leg at a time & squat for the adductor stretch, etc.  the thing for last couple days has been to go over the top & down the side then into the squat without sympathetically tensing the quads ("raising" the kneecap).  with sufficient attention to detail can do complete on the right, on the left there is tendon shortness or something taking a while (years) to work through, i found that the gentle contact of the opposite hand on the quads during the sequence made it possible to do on the left.
   that much detail, boring?  not to me.  its mine.

2. knowing the 0 visual in sideways neck stretch, attending to the 0 while doing head movements
   also, the sideways neck stretch will produce the visual 0: when the whole scene rotates smoothly around a single spot that's the spot.  once it is found there it is.
   from there a new layer of exercise can be done.  head movements: eyes at 0 so they remain in the same relation to the head as the head turns so the scene is changing, now the attention can be left at the original 0, the 0 of the 0,0,0.  as if in imagination a line of attention crosses the field as the head turns, always relating back to the original 0.  interesting.

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