Monday, July 25, 2011

big muscles

1. biggest thickest muscles, tendons, ligaments in butt & upper thighs. slowest to heal, hardest to change. in massage one finds deep hot spots, extensive limited areas, tight thicknesses and thick tightnesses that would require a Goliath sized masseut to address properly by hand, so that one imagines perhaps the careful use of a blunt tool.
experientially that makes the leg & hip stretch portion of the morning stretch sensationally intense some-would-call-it-pain. does my gleeful yearning for my morning stretch cross over into one of the desire sins? i don't think so. the anticipation feeling is the same for me as i look forward to my make-the-thighs-burn stretches as that before a potentially hot date. want want want.
2. in general this blog is going to pursue issues of awareness with plenty of physical reality, all suppositions stated hopefully as questions.
3. they are making me learn techniques for my 5-kyu test so i have to learn them with their japanese names so when sensei asks me i know what to do. every waza is a precious gem that has to be patiently cut and polished to achieve the greatest clarity of awareness. so i have to think about those kinds of things in addition to the ongoing work of learning to stand and sit straight, to open the hips, to stretch the thighs.
4. because whether i use accellerators or not i can physically dig my way out of my funk with my morning stretch-focus routine and i can sweat out the fatigue of work with my 35 minute run outside in the plain air. if i don't do that every day i just don't feel right.
5. letters i did not write to a neighbor whose dog is often barking on saturday mornings, i know because i'm out there on the deck stretching. met them on a political walk, hardscrabble Dems, cigarettes, dogs, cars getting worked on in the back:
a. you know there's an animal noise ordinance?
b. it is possible to teach a dog not to bark no matter how old they are
I thought other mean things involving violence but i am not writing them here, see other blog.
i notice most saturdays that the neighbors are doing nothing about this barking dog situation, its been going on for years. its like the dog will die some day, then there'll be another dog, that's just the way it is. getting along in this neighborhood is absolutely about leaving each other alone.
6. walking silently. at the beach i was the only one doing it. everyone else clump clump clump bumping along on their heels. i am putting my feet down at lowest possible angle, drifting along. clump clump. i am the only one who is noticing.
in the philly airport waiting for a schedule to sort itself out, getting late. a female clumps by in i guess 4" heels & a tightish dress. clump she's not comfortable clump in a hurry to the next discomfort station. i going on windowshopping the unappetizing food. on the way back to where i came from there she is again, she's got her shoes in her hands, still clumping along, frown furrowed on forehead raised by tightly pulled back hair. still not happy. but she thought the situation through to an amelioration. somebody notices, stares, she doesn't notice. hope if she did she wouldn't care. comfort first, that's what i say. let them mind their own business.

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