Wednesday, July 27, 2011

accelerants, clarifiers

when there is adequate nutrition and the body is put through a non-damaging workout that produces sweat for a period of about 45 minutes or more every day happiness develops. it is helpful if the exercizer has decided to like the activity and to call the internal subjective experience of the various changes in physical state fun, but the physical result of that exercise will be sufficient after some number of weeks or months in producing the smiley satisfied feeling all by itself.

one perhaps would prefer to get there a little faster with various tricks of gear or chemicals or mental construct.

is it true that a normal response of groups of people is to run away from violence rather than mobbing it? That is the normal response to a shooter in a crowd. does it become difficult/impossible for humans to move towards the danger? we have the story of the plane over Pennsylvania where they went against the criminals. in the manhattan planes they went along. giving in is normal, right? letting it happen is normal.

people in motion are harder to hit right? 3 gunners, 5 gunners, different calculus. 1 gunner, many people, mob the gunner a few die, everybody runs gunner gets to pull a norway, calmly walking around shooting everyone. but mobbing is rare, giving up is common. is that human nature or is it training in passivity? have to think about it more but not tonight i guess.

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