Monday, July 18, 2011

why its better

it has become lately an exploration of balance with heels off the ground. this is all static balance, or rather short ranges of motion passed through slowly to end points, study of mechanical limits.

i distinctly remember thinking for a moment last fall that my legs were in pretty good shape, how about working upper body. immediately new leg elements came into the field of awareness. stuff on the outer back legs, accessible in bendover by moving torso laterally, finders reach for the little toe and that way beyond. nice burn of hitherto neglected tendons & fascia. an exquisitely intense burn at left upper outer foot just behind the 2 little toes. bend foot to um extreme supination it really screams. fascial adhesions i like to imagine them to be. so far i've been able to stretch-exercise-massage such spots away after some months. this time last year the same leg had a low level shin splint for a while.

meanwhile i saw a film of saito sensei doing a simple shomenuchi with a bokken. i really noticed the pelvic movement. not just the leg moved, the pelvis advanced in space by rotating, duh. so i put that thought into running and came up with i was perhaps putting unnecessary effort into arm movement, damped that down, voila: the pelvis rotation picks up and each step covers a bit more ground. after a couple of weeks of doing that a deep occasional achey thing develops in the right upper outer butt just above the hip joint. i think ive demonstrated to myself that it is a muscular thing.

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