Saturday, July 30, 2011

rubberized grips

i've been moving the sword around in the hands, turning blade this way or that according to the particular move like they show me how. when rotating the blade one hand holds tight & the other hand loosens to allow the blade to rotate. simple enough.

so today the job was to use a pump to put air in tires. pump stands on ground, i'm supposed to stand on flanges to keep pump steady, move plunger up & down. plunger has T-handle, the grips are rubberized for better grip. the problem that emerges in my hyper-critical state of attention is that if i utilize the rubberized quality my wrists get in wrong position through at least 50% of the movement of the plunger. the hand wants to slide in rotation around the grip, the rubber impedes/prevents that rotation, the wrists are at the wrong angle through part of the downward arc, the inbalance tries to correct up the arm, through the shoulders, torso a bit too far forward, low back catches the strain, the whole process becomes harder than it needs to be. one issue addressed another issue created.

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