Friday, July 22, 2011


in bendover, its hot, feel stretch move around as fingers reach across the midline toward this or that foot.

arise to
1. dark spots in the visual
2. followed by a wave feeling washing down my head just like a blush but not a blush
3. dizziness imagined as possible should my body continue to go down that path

so, find a more stable position while this stuff proceeds, the blood redistributes itself. completely reasonable to just stand there and wait for it to clear. age appropriate.

the most stable position of course would be on the ground.

i think i discovered the parts of the "me" by reflection on my colonoscopy experience, in which, they told me, i was most cooperative, but they had used a drug that had prevented memory formation so i have no memory. "i" was not there as far as i knew, but "i" was there for them. it was therefore demonstrated that "me" had parts that "i" was not aware of. having found one of them it was reasonable to assume there are more that i don't know i don't know about. what are those unknown parts about?

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