Sunday, January 23, 2011


i apply quiet eyes to computer screen. the visual field includes the fingers on the keyboard, the room surrounding the screen. it is the comfort of actually seeing my hands on keyboard, i can see the keys, fingers hitting the keys, at the edge i see the mouse, the results of the mouse, i cannot yet actually read in the corners. practice with checkbox in corner. like archery. out of the focal point is hard. as soon as i noticed being in the groove it shattered & got off track. moments of smooth function then it goes clunk again and its gone.

next day. application of peripheral awareness to reading the screen & writing, say, envelopes. working on writing on the line in quiet eyes, 000, the line seen in the peripheral. i can see the hand making the letters but i don't recognize the letters in peripheral yet. can i close this window in quiet, mouse arrow in peripheral?

several days later, this is indeed a skill that can be learned. wife with an incipient carpal tunnel pre-situation, she's a 2-finger typer, right hand mouse person. i describe how i switched from right to left for mouse work years ago to distribute the work, how it takes a couple of weeks of grrr teeth grinding frusted godamit i missed it again before the change gets normalized. when will i have a chance to do that she asked. when she decides she wants to.

at the dojo an ability has developed in the warmup in which i can mirror image the demonstrated action, then i'll lose it, the sides will switch. the teachers have begun to demonstrate in the side by side, some of us seem to have a harder time with mirror image imitation. for me now its coming in little chunks, i've got it, i notice, then its gone again.

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