Thursday, January 13, 2011

instalax nano relaxation routine

pulling the garbage can while maintaining a good imitation of "martial vision" i banged a wheel against a wall, god gave me that to demonstrate that i had been thinking about paying attention to the visual edges instead of actually doing it.

later: i'm wondering how i can begin to like read, notice, focus off the center, so i'm pulling inventory & i find that for arms length reading i'm at about 1 degree off of center that i can read. maybe two. and there's speed readers who can do a page with a glance. one of the areas that this kind of sensory stuff is going towards.

so, sitting in chair: what is above me, below me, to right to left, what do i feel on my head, face, nose, mouth, front of neck, back of neck, r shoulder, l shoulder, etc. (leave nothing out), what do i hear, what do i smell, breathe in, breathe out

ok, back to work.

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