Saturday, January 8, 2011


today's run started with "how's my hurt neck gonna be." i immediately discovered that the sore&stiff in the neck made me want to look in the right place (0,0,0) so it was actually easier to do that i'll call it the tunnel of love. & i was soon reminded by the lump on my head to scan the heavens in the peripheral so that i noticed the big ball of ivy up in that tree that i'm sure someone's living in. then it became evident that the shoulder muscles were pulling on the neck muscles and rocking the neck joints and that was all therapeutic. so it was all good. now i'm writing this, neck still sore but also still moving.

the, uh, details of how the foot is put down. cornering: step forward against the turn, pivot, step, eyes are supposed to stay straight ahead, head 0,0,0. i would typically look down in the turn like i used to always look all the time before aikido. today the hurt neck promoted that 0,0,0 head position so i actually got a few higher quality turns today.

before i cracked my head i remember in the morning routine how there was significant improvement in leg tone over last year, various things like quad extension were getting easier to do and less of that intense burny stuff some poor lost souls confuse with "pain." then a whole new layer of sore muscles appeared under the better muscles so there is another whole chapter of stuff the legs need to do and i thought maybe i'd concentrate on the upper body this year. nope. still the legs. kneeling with full posture stretching down quad at pelvic insertion, burns right there, refers you know where. ooo. locked knee bendover, now with extra added twist to the sides, newly found muscle bundles twitch and quiver at outer upper knees, new track of burn up outside of thigh to make ache in the pocket above the hip bone.

neck still hurts.

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  1. i wish i was even remotely that active when i woke up. hope your neck starts to feel better, though.