Friday, December 16, 2011


using sword in morning stretch routine.  the purpose of the sword in static (natural man for that matter) is to enable me to notice asymetries, torques, etc.  it demonstrates the axes.  when i move a part (head e.g.) the sword demonstrates that the rest of the body did or didn't move.  in walking it demonstrates my fore and back space otherwise it tends to bump into things.  exactly how close to my feet is "here"?

what is in front of me?  (after getting, after all this time, some approximate idea of what "in front" means, other than a screen, i mean)
what is to my left?
what is behind me (how do i know?)
what is to my right?
what is below me?
what is above me?
what is inside? (glub)
what is outside?

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