Sunday, December 4, 2011

double visual

yesterday i worked on appreciation of 2 visual fields.  the brain pretends there is one field corresponding with the unified "itness" of everything that's not "me" but that is a perceptual joke: there are 2 curved images as we know.  yesterday i was appreciating that.  the attempt was to get the two ocular directions as close as possible to parallel which means as close as possible to an infinity focus.  that meant that i would be theoretically looking beyond the farthest object in the field.  in that "position" i tried to play the attention exercise with the eyeballs still and the direction of the attention changing.  ok then, so there are 2 attention spots to pay attention to, 1 for each eye, so that while the leftward attention sees a far edge in the left eye the right eye attention notes the bridge of the nose.  then of course it is possible to move the 2 attention points separately so that 1 is for example all the way in some directiion while the other is still.  attention is "all mental" so that can be done.  slight tweeking of the concept of "unity of purpose" is required, so like most exercises it is about walking and chewing gum at the same time.

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