Monday, September 5, 2011

drilling down

1. attention circles yield insight on different kinds of spacing out.
the circle is there in the "imagination."  "i" can "see" it in my "mind's eye."
spaceout types:
1. the lumpy bumpy distorted "circle" "drawn" by the "gross attention" trying to control itself in guise of doing it right.  the attentional equivalent of holding the pen too tightly in the fingers leading perhaps over time to carpal tunnel syndrome.
2. the true space out of simple aversion from the (boring) higher energy attentional task to a favored neutral task (daydream, conditioned prayer, desire for some habitual thing, etc.)
3. ongoing internal commentary: "hmm, lumpy today..."
i'm sure further categories of spacing out exist.  name some for me please.

2. still the tendency to space out the middle of an eye movement: to jump from start to end "skipping" the middle with the "intention."  the justification is "i know what's there, i can skip that part."  that's probably true, probably there's not a spear coming through that zone, but the exercize is to progress gracefully through the entire movement, bumpy & plodding better than skip the whole thing & pretend i really did clean the toilet.

3. varieties of head circles:
a. move internally stationary head-neck assembly around vertex at c6-7
b. hold neck internally stationary, move head only
c. attempts to lower the vertex down the next
very different neck crackles produced, some muscles apparently isolated for the first time.

4. an aura like others describe as migraine in right eye, drank usual 2 cups of coffee ~1h earlier.

5. continuing to prepare for sideways breakfall, a new position: overbalance to side in extension like i will do a sideways cartwheel, spasm in the outer lower down leg, burn in upper outer thigh & above hip, down leg.

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