Sunday, September 4, 2011


i started this morning facing the glass door, the big tree behind, saw it reflected in the door.  idea: second time i tried i hit the poplar tree with the acorn i tossed behind me over my right shoulder with my right arm.

the morning sessions are exercizes in selective discomfort, conditioning to be comfortable with said discomfort.  always good candidates: knees, thighs, low back, top of neck.  not natural man position.  exaggerated natural man.  knees too bent, pelvis tilted too front up, chin too tucked.  into the discomfort while doing the attention/eye/head movements.

attention/eye/head exercises designed to open possibilities of intentional looking.  i am surrounded constantly with things that want me to look at what they want me to look at.  what i might want to look at is irrelevant to the purposes of those things.  the untrained eye will look at what it what attracts its attention, to look at a specific spot regardless of what happens to occupy that space is different from seeking out the desired category of thing and focussing on that. 

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