Saturday, July 3, 2010

didact 2

everyone will have a vice. if we don't like the normal runofthemill vices we will make vices out of virtue. if we didn't have vices to distract us we would be here all the time.

rub it in:
the vice of prayer
the vice of contemplation
the vice of charity
the vice of compassion

bcause our god is a joking god, we are the jokes, hahaha.

vice like salt. couple of grains I like the food better, lot of it I get anxiety, blood pressure, too much kill I dead.

Where I go to practice they are always talking about people in the org trying to impose their version of right ways and wrong ways, the normal critique sequences wherever a "canon" has developed, kept going by a bureaucracy of obsessives bcause what normal person would go there and do that. PICK YOUR CULT CAREFULLY and then don't join imo, just tag along. peripheral male on the edge of camp, edge of outer darkness where the life is, in the cracks, seed of mes, in the chlorinated hydrocarbons, the acid clouds, waiting for its chance to be born.

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